Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rich and Famous

A good day today! Got the copies of Flatline from the label.

 I must say that in the era of digital download excess and carelessness it's exclusively pleasing to feel a real CD in your hands, especially when it's "yours" (you're directly/indirectly related to its making) and is intended for those few who care.

Note: I believe this one never officially comes out digitally, unless ripped and uploaded by someone.

Now we decide where to send some of those to get good reviews, promo & distro in the old-school/underground way and to finally get rich and famous.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Filters, Filters, Filters

Some of the photofilters for my tiny Lumi (Lumix GF3) have just arrived. These include: CPL, UV, Closeup+4, and, of course, IR720 (I'm a fan of infrared photography - it reminds me of the moon).

I have almost the same set for the bigger brother Oly (Olympus E-510), but it's currently out of my reach (my cousin Öringen is playing with it these days), so I decided to get those ^^^ to play around too. 

"I can see you, daddy!"

I've been mostly homebodish last weeks, but I'm really curious to test my Lumi as an IR-performer outdoors. Coming back here if I get anything more or less spectacular (must be difficult these days though)...