Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Filters, Filters, Filters

Some of the photofilters for my tiny Lumi (Lumix GF3) have just arrived. These include: CPL, UV, Closeup+4, and, of course, IR720 (I'm a fan of infrared photography - it reminds me of the moon).

I have almost the same set for the bigger brother Oly (Olympus E-510), but it's currently out of my reach (my cousin Öringen is playing with it these days), so I decided to get those ^^^ to play around too. 

"I can see you, daddy!"

I've been mostly homebodish last weeks, but I'm really curious to test my Lumi as an IR-performer outdoors. Coming back here if I get anything more or less spectacular (must be difficult these days though)...

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