Wednesday, January 23, 2013


A vivid example how the most prominent search engine sucks:


Let me guess what we have here. Penalized for having an exact match domain? Or, maybe, "unusual linking pattern" (though the site has never been SEOed in any way - no need to)? Outdated content + "fierce" competition + penguin + panda + something?...

Either way, this is ridiculous. Being in top 1 for years, now dove with the hands bound to the honorary page 16 out of the blue moon. With an inner page.

In this respect, Blue Moon Nimbus is way more lucky. But still irrelevant ads come first:

P.S. Ironically, hosted on their servers (Blogger).

Kattoo - Motu

New album of German experimental musician Volker Kahl (before in Beefcake).

Now that's the attitude that I like:

"i'm completely independent and no more a part of the so called "music industry" with it's marketing structures (labels, publishers, copyright collectives) and its bad reputation... as a result of independency, there is also one way how you can support my music and this is via donation on my website..."