Monday, April 29, 2013

Drifting Back to Physical

While the spring is unfolding I suddenly realized I hadn't got/bought a single physical audio/video release in years. I mean a "real" CD/DVD/Blu-ray or something... It may seem atavism in the era when everything is so digitally (pirately) available. But I decided to make up for it and feel a-decade-ago-ish again.

A few exclusive items from the Italian label Avantgarde Music, each one is true and with some spice inside (and outside):

My favorite three albums by Sunn O))) from Southern Lord. Was really pleased to also discover Ascend CD (top album!) and High on Fire poster as a bonus inside the package. Thank you, Greg!

Just couldn't miss Ulver's performance in the Norwegian National Opera. Well, not at the time in the place unfortunately, but on the DVD with a nice booklet:

A little XXXLish for me, but I'll be growing bigger hopefully

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