Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cosmic Drainpipes

Coming back from the moon with a bunch of cosmic drainpipes, a.k.a. low whistles/Irish fipple flutes:

MK Kelpie F | MK Kelpie D | Alba Low D | Alba Low C | Reviol Low D with 2 additional bodies (C & Eb) | Dixon Low D with an additional flute head

The whistles are quite different in sound and behavior but I like them all.

And a few smaller pipies (played not so often though):

Generation Bb | Feadog C | Dixon D | Feadog D | Generation F

Unfortunately, my music/video production machine has let me down these days, however, I've managed to make a couple of test recordings with the MK whistles (they were closer at hand). And here they are:

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