Sunday, August 3, 2014

Irish Slides

Meanwhile we enjoy the rest of the summer and we enjoy playing slides (Irish traditional music).

A few words about the instrument that I use. A low whistle/fipple flute in the key of C handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands (Alba Whistles). I named this one Tuna, probably because it's very big and shiny (in fact, the biggest cosmic drainpipe that we have). And this is how it sounds:

Merrily Kiss the Quaker | Denis Murphy's Slide | Thugamar Féin an Samhradh Linn

Since my main music machine is still in maintenance, we play around with less intensive and mostly free solutions to produce new stuff. Here's what was used to make this piece:

Sforzando + Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (for orchestral basis);
Alchemy Player (lead and synth strings sounds);
Drum loop taken from Taverns (World of Warcraft soundtrack);
REAPER (DAW to put it all together);
Lightworks (to compile the multicam video).

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