Thursday, August 7, 2014

You're My Heart...

...You're My Soul - this popular song from the 80-s often starts spinning around in my head when I see somebody with a keytar. And I guess I'm not the only one who associates this performance instrument with retro music in general. Anyway, now we have one too!

Alesis Vortex - the latest addition to our friendly family of midi controllers (yes, it's a controller, not a synth). We got this one on the spur of the moment but now it has become truly a heart and soul of the company.

With a strong made-in-China feel (as probably everything these days) it's a fantastic tool with lots of possibilities. Very handy to move around (it's totally wireless), very easy to set up and go (great for Ableton Live, REAPER, VSTs), very many controls (keys, pads, knobs, PB wheel, slider, accelerometer, sustain and other buttons), and very nice to look at. Definitely one of our best investments in 2014. See official specs

Thomas Anders with the classic Korg RK-100 MIDI controller/keytar

As for the Modern Talking song, this was the first one I set myself to remake when Vortex arrived. Just for fun at first, but then things got more and more profound, more ideas, more retro songs we wanted to cover... So after all, now we have an active tribute project on!

This is still an early version of You're My Heart, You're My Soul with clean vocals (my aunt Spacedog singing) and a quick mix and master. The final (robotic) version coming soon...


  1. Which version of the Vortex is this please ?

    1. The new wireless version