Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Integrated Chakra Awareness

The following practices are intended for overall awakening of the chakras in a systematic way. Before attempting any of these one should be familiar with techniques for individual chakra awareness described in Kundalini Tantra.

1. Chakra meditation. This practice helps to develop subtle awareness of the chakras. In the beginning it can be just a matter of imagination, but after some time the subtle sensations (e.g. pulsation) can be definitely experienced.

2. Chaturtha pranayama ("pranayama of the fourth state", i.e. transcendental state). This technique combines the awareness of breath, mantra and chakras. It develops sensitivity to both the psychic spinal passage and the chakras.

3. Chakra yoga nidra. This is an example of a yoga nidra practice that combines visualization and rotation of awareness through the main psychic centers.

4. Unmani mudra. Unmani mudra means "the gesture of thoughtlessness" referring to the state that arises during meditation. This is a simple yet effective practice to develop awareness of the chakras from bindu down to mooladhara.

5. Beeja mantra sanchalana ("conduction of the seed sound"). This meditation technique makes use of mental chanting of the beeja mantras while successively moving the awareness through the chakras (along the spinal column) and kshetram (contact centers for the chakras in the front of the body).

Based on Kundalini Tantra and Yoga and Kriya by Swami Satyananda. Recorded in October 2016.

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